Dr. David Remoin of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and his staff told the Douglas Foundation that many of the city’s population living below the poverty line were not utilizing the clinics established to offer them free medical care. Furthermore, these clinics were generally unable to address the living and social conditions that impact so heavily on the health of underprivileged children and their parents.  COACH was created as a response to these problems.

On an ongoing basis, two COACH mobile medical units travel to schools, shelters, public housing developments, and neighborhood facilities in communities across 28 Los Angeles zip codes.  The provide the highest quality medical care as well as social services, underwritten by philanthropic businesses such as 3 Day Blinds, that address  the underlying causes of the underprivileged community’s health issues. 

Since 1994, when the COACH program was launched, it has brought aid to more than 400,000 underprivileged patients, children and adults, free of charge.