There is much yet to learn about the medical benefits of stem cells and stem cell therapy. Unfortunately, the obstacles to stem cell research created by the Food and Drug Administration may be costing many more lives than they are intended to save.  The Douglas Foundation holds Bernard Siegel, founder of the Genetics Policy Institute, and the annual World Stem Cell Summit that it sponsors, in the highest esteem. We are funding the Summit in the hope that the wizards of modern science and medicine engaged in this research will overcome the bureaucracy holding them back and discover cures that will fulfill stem cell therapy’s great promise.  The annual World Stem Cell Summit seeks to catalyze and lead a global network of patient advocates, scientists, physicians and health care professionals, industrialists, bioethicists, lawyers, educators, and policy-makers. The 2014 World Stem Cell Summit is being held in San Antonio on December 3 - 5, and will feature presentations by over 170 stem cell researchers.