1.  How do we apply for a grant?
Grant applications can be made at the Foundation’s invitation or by referral from organizations the Foundation funds or is otherwise associated with. A requesting agency must first submit a letter of inquiry. If the Foundation determines the project meets its guidelines, the applicant will be provided with the forms required to prepare and submit a formal application.

2. What should be included in the letter of inquiry?
The letter should include: brief descriptions of your organization and the project for which funding is sought; the total cost of the project, as well as sub-totals for both direct project and administrative costs; the amount requested; and a balance sheet reflecting the current financial status of your organization. A copy of the Internal Revenue Service letter of determination granting your organization 501(c)(3) status should also be included. Please also include the Foundation’s letter of invitation or, if being referred by another agency, that agency’s letter of recommendation.. Other supporting data may also accompany the letter of inquiry. 

The letter of inquiry may be submitted via U.S. mail or email as follows:

The Douglas Foundation
141 El Camino Drive
Suite 209
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
hone: 310-274-5294
Fax: 310-274-2537

3. What are the Foundation’s funding priorities?
Our priorities are set forth in the Guidelines page.

4. We have several needs. Would you help us choose one or may we include all of them in our request?
We ask that you apply for funding for one project at a time. We suggest that you apply for the project that is the highest priority for your agency that also fits our guidelines. The Foundation will on occasion also supply agencies with further guidelines and, if necessary, assistance from our staff to support the application process for programs that we feel are of particular merit and relevance. 

5. Must we submit an audited financial statement with our formal application?
Yes, from either the current or preceding year.

6. What is the maximum that can be applied for in a single grant?
Grant amounts are assessed by need. They are generally lower for funds granted in a single year than for grants whose funding is spread over two or more years.

7. Does the Foundation fund capital campaigns?
Only rarely, and those exceptions are generally limited to health and education services.

8. May we request a grant for ongoing operating expenses?
The Foundation rarely considers operating or administrative expenses in making its grants, and generally favors requests that specifically exclude such costs.

9. Does the Foundation have deadlines for submitting letters of inquiry or applications? How much time does a review take?
If an application is invited, you will have six months to submit a completed grant request and supplemental materials. It generally takes two to six months to review an application. Occasionally, final action will be deferred. Each applicant is notified promptly as soon as a decision has been made. 

10. We have a project that appears to fit within the Foundation guidelines. Should we set up a meeting with Foundation staff to present our ideas?
Applications are only accepted from established philanthropic agencies that have either been invited to do so by the Foundation or been referred by other established 501(c)(3) organizations.  In lieu of attempting to set up a meeting with Foundation staff, we recommend that you research the websites of agencies comparable to the Douglas Foundation, such as the Santa Barbara Foundation and the Weingart Foundation, for examples of the type of projects that we are interested in funding. 

11. May we contact Foundation Trustees about our proposed project?
No. Foundation Trustees are not to be used as a means of referral, recommendation, or support.